It’s important to us to always be transparent about how much you will pay for our services. As a fee-only firm, we never receive any payment from anyone other than our clients. We do not earn commissions, kick backs, referral fees, etc. We work for our clients and no one else.

Wealth Management

Our full-service wealth management service gives you both ongoing financial planning and investment management services bundled together. We charge an annual fee based on assets under management (AUM). We strongly believe the best results occur as a result of careful financial planning integrated with asset management.

For clients with more than $500,000, we offer custom-built portfolios with individual stocks and bonds. For clients with a lower level of assets, we have crafted several different highly diversified ETF portfolios. These portfolios can be customized to meet each client’s individual needs.

All fees are annual, but we bill quarterly in arrears.

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Financial Planner Hilton Head

Financial Planning

We also provide financial planning as a stand-alone service. We charge an hourly fee of $250 for planning. The amount of time it takes for a financial plan can range from a couple of hours to 12+ hours depending on your goals and the complexity of your financial situation. In general, most plans centered around retirement will range from 6-10 hours.

The initial consultation meeting is always free and we will be able to give you the maximum amount that your plan will cost.