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We are a fee-only financial planning firm providing guidance to individuals and families. “Fee-only” means we do not sell any products, and our compensation comes only and directly from our clients. We are financial advisors on Hilton Head Island serving the Lowcountry and beyond.

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Why Work With Metis Wealth Management?

Hilton Head Financial Advisor
Hilton Head Financial Advisor
Hilton Head Investment Advisor

Learn More About Our Fee-Only Investment Management

Investment Management

Our portfolios are customized to each client based on their goals, risk tolerance and beliefs. We aim to keep costs for our clients low as well as help our clients navigate uncertain times. We do not invest with the goal of maximizing returns; rather, our focus is on taking the minimum amount of risk required for each client to achieve their goals.

Wealth Management

We take a systematic and sensible approach to wealth management. Our experienced investment advisors will build your portfolio based on your individual priorities, risk tolerance and life goals. We look at your entire financial life and provide unbiased advice on more than just which stocks to pick such as tax minimization strategies, estate planning, and gifting.

Estate Planning

We believe crafting and implementing a comprehensive estate plan takes the expertise of both a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and an estate attorney. We alert clients to estate planning options that suit their needs and we can work with estate attorneys to achieve your goals. With an ongoing relationship we are always there to monitor plans for our clients and advise them on the right time to update plans.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are a small business owner who needs help establishing a retirement plan or a baby boomer about to retire, we will develop a plan to get you where you need to be. We are also here to answer questions after implementing your plan and we can help monitor and make changes as needed- allowing you spend time doing what you love.

Tax Planning

Offering both wealth management and financial planning services allows us to take a holistic approach and make recommendations based on our clients’ entire financial picture. Tax planning is an ongoing process and can encompass everything from year end tax loss harvesting to complex estate planning strategies. The result is a unique plan tailored to each client’s individual situation and preferences.

Charitable Giving

Often done in conjunction with an estate plan, charitable giving is something that is important to many of our clients. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ can help recommend the best gifting strategy for you. Often, we are able to find a solution that allows you to give to causes you care about in a tax advantaged way that also best suits your needs such as Charitable Remainder Trusts or Donor Advised Funds.

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We Help Individuals, Families, & Business Owners Accomplish Life Goals

Metis Wealth Management has a clear and important goal; to provide high quality investment advice and personal service to clients who want to grow their wealth and plan for today, the future, and the next generation. Our financial firm is dedicated to the prudent stewardship of our clients’ wealth through our active portfolio management strategy along with the highest level of personalized client services. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we have a fiduciary responsibility to put the client’s interest first.

At Metis, we appreciate all of our clients who have entrusted us with their financial lives. Our clients are retired, retiring, building their wealth, or going through transitions like having children, a job change, divorce or death in the family. It has been our responsibility and privilege to plan, invest and help our clients succeed.

Hilton Head Financial Advisors
Hilton Head Financial Planner

Our Clients Come First

We approach each of our client’s investments with the care and diligence we use in managing our own. Financial services professionals take a variety of approaches to offering financial advice. Some focus on one area of a client’s finances, others focus on two or three. It is our experience at Metis, however, that all aspects of one’s financial life are interwoven to some degree. Effective financial planning, therefore, cannot be done without taking a comprehensive approach that takes into account one’s entire financial picture. Often it is not until one looks at the big picture that one’s financial goals and strategies come into focus. Financial planning is more than investing, and it is also more than asset preservation. When choosing a financial planner, it is imperative that one choose a professional who has the training and expertise to provide comprehensive wealth management and financial planning solutions.

Hilton Head Financial Advisors You Can Count On

You’ve worked hard to get here and you have a vision for the future. The most important part of creating your personalized retirement plan is listening to the goals and dreams you have mapped out. The Metis team of financial advisors will make certain that your investment and financial planning needs are met and will carry you to fulfilling your goals.

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