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As a fee-only firm, we will never earn a commission on anything we recommend. We will not sell you an annuity or life insurance contract. When you work with a fee-only financial advisor or planner you pay for their time and expertise. You can rest assured that our recommendations are in your best interest and not driven by a commission check.

Located on Hilton Head Island, SC we are just a short drive from Bluffton. At Metis we are focused doing what is best for our clients, so we can meet where and how our clients are most comfortable. We love working with people in Bluffton, Beaufort, Savannah, Charleston and beyond!

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How is Metis Wealth Management Different?

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We Help Simplify Your Life

Metis is a Registered Investment Advisory firm. We are independent and we always operate under the fiduciary standard. This gives us the freedom to do what is best for our clients. We do not sell investment “products,” nor are we bound to a specific list of stocks or funds. We make decisions for our clients with their best interests in mind. This would not be possible without a thorough understanding of each client’s individual goals and circumstances.

As a firm, we are committed to a planning based model. We typically create a financial plan for each client at the start of the relationship based on the client’s unique circumstances and goals. The financial plan lies at the heart of our investment decisions and helps us answer the question: “What is the appropriate amount of risk to take?” The objective is to take as little risk as possible while still giving our clients a high probability of reaching their goals.

Bluffton Financial Advisor

How We Help Our Clients

Investment Management

We create custom portfolios for each client that are as unique as they are. Two common objectives are to minimize investment costs and to minimize risk exposure while still achieving financial goals. We have a strong belief in the efficacy of our planning-based model and each client’s financial plan lies at the heart of our investment management strategy. This would not be possible without getting to know our clients on a very personal level before making investment decisions.

Financial Planning

Jenn Sokolowski, CFP® looks at each client’s financial life holistically and makes recommendations on how best to achieve your goals. A financial plan is appropriate for any stage of life. Whether you are just beginning to accumulate wealth, are at the peak of your career, or are ready to retire, it’s never too late or too early to benefit from planning. We view financial planning as providing the foundation to successful wealth management.

Estate Planning

We believe the best comprehensive estate plans take the expertise of both a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and an estate attorney. As a CFP® we are often able to raise red flags for estate planning that is needed as well as assisting clients in the implementation of their plan. We work with estate attorneys to craft a plan that addresses both the financial and legal aspects of an estate plan. We view financial planning as an ongoing relationship, and we are easily able to make changes and adjustments when plans need to be updated.

Retirement Planning

While many clients come to us with questions about the viability of their current plan a few years prior to retirement, we also provide guidance to small business owners looking to establish a retirement plan, young professionals looking for longer term guidance, or retirees seeking reassurance or plan optimization. We always available to answer questions after implementing your plan and we can help monitor and make changes as needed- allowing you spend time doing what you love.

Education Planning

Planning for a child’s education is a daunting task. The costs of college rising sharply and there are many options available for saving for school. We can help craft a plan to pay for school and advise on questions like: “Which 529 plan should I use?” “How much can I contribute each year?” “Are my contributions tax deductible?” or “What are my options for financial aid?”

Tax Planning

No one wants to pay more taxes than they need to. As a firm focusing on both financial planning and wealth management, we are positioned to help clients achieve tax efficiency in a variety of ways. Tax planning impacts all areas of a financial plan. We strive to make recommendations that place our clients in the most advantageous position on an after-tax basis. When we look at investment options, we take a similar approach. This can take the form of location optimization (owning the correct types of securities in the correct types of accounts), tax loss harvesting, or capital gain minimization- to name a few.

Bluffton, SC Investment Advisor

Personalized Wealth Management

We take the time to get to know our clients on a very personal level before we start making recommendations or investing their money. Our goal isn’t simply to maximize returns, but rather to make the right decisions that allow you to reach your financial goals without taking unnecessary risk. As fiduciaries, we always try to place ourselves in your shoes and ask, “What decision would this client make if they had the knowledge and expertise that we have?” To do this we have to understand our clients’ risk tolerance, values, and short and long-term goals for their money. This is what sets us apart from many other financial advisors who may just be sales people.

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You deserve an advisor that listens rather than sells.

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